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What is the paisley pattern?

The Paisley pattern is a classic bandanna pattern that can be found everywhere. From being worn on cowboys to being on dog collars, the classic paisley pattern is one of the most iconic patterns ever created. With the pattern coming in many different colors, anyone can find their own personal favorite paisley color to go with their fit. This patter comes on many different types of clothing material, such as bandannas, jackets, hats, and even beach towels. Where ever you can find this pattern, someone will always love it.

Are these jackets for winter?

Yes! These Paisley Pattern Winter Jackets are the perfect jacket to wear in the winter while still being stylish. With the Faux Vegan Fur on the lining of the hood, you are guaranteed to be kept warm all winter long with this bandanna pattern zip up jacket. You even have pockets on both sides where you can keep your hands warm that have zippers as well. The end of the sleeves and bottom of the Winter Bandanna Jackets have an elastic material that will keep the warmth from your own body inside of the jacket so you do not have to worry about getting cold ever. The polyester material of this jackets is perfect for stopping the wind from getting your entire body cold.