1980 World Series Philadelphia Phillies Maroon Side Patch Fitted Cap | Icy Light Blue Underbrim Fitted Hat | New Era 59fifty

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  • 1980 World Series
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • New Era
  • Maroon Brim Fitted
  • White Phillies Logo
  • Icy Light Blue Brim Bottom
  • Phillies 59fifty

Revive your old memories to show your love and support for the Fighting Phils by wearing this maroon side patch fitted hat by New Era. This Phillies new era 59fifty is perfect for anybody who wants to relive the 1980 world series patch hats and show their love for baseball and the Phillies. This maroon New Era 59fifty is a fitted hat with world series side patch and it is the same hat that was worn by the team in the 1980 World Series. This new era 59fifty has the following features and design:

1) FRONT: On the front of the maroon bottom fitted is the retro Cooperstown logo of Philadelphia Phillies embroidered in white with a high-structured maroon crown. This white logo on this maroon side-patch fitted looks extremely attractive and eye-catching from a distance.

2) RIGHT SIDE: on the right side of this maroon brim fitted is the World Series 1980 logo in retro Cooperstown blue and vintage maroon which is one of the most attractive of all the features of the cap. The placement of the World Series patch logo on the right side of the maroon phillies59fifty makes it a perfect design for this side-patch fitted cap.

3) LEFT SIDE: On the wearer’s left side of the maroon fitted is the logo of the brand, New Era, embroidered in white.

4) BACK SIDE: On the back-side of this New Era 59fifty is the emblem of the baseball organization, Major League Baseball of which the Philadelphia Phillies is a part.

5) UNDERBRIM: The New Era fitted has an icy light blue underbrim and it has the Official Major League Baseball logo under the brim. This icy light blue underbrim makes a good combination with the overall maroon new era 59fifty. New Era fitted traditionally feature a grey brim, also known as a grey bottom brim, these icy blue brim fitteds feature a light icy blue under brim / icy blue bottom.

These features make our maroon new era 59fifty a solid pickup for any Phillies fan. It gives you a chance to show your love for baseball and the Fighting Phills as well. The 1980 World Series edition makes it, even more, better for reviving the memories of the past series by wearing this maroon new era fitted. Therefore, get this maroon brim under brim now to showcase the love for the Phillies from Capswag.

1980 World Series Maroon Brim Underbrim | Phillies Fitted Cap | Side Patch Fitted Hat | New Era 59fifty

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