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From 2017-2020, we have the perfect draft collection for any Philadelphia 76ers fan. All of these 76ers draft hats are all blue with a little twist on each one. For example, with the 2017 76ers Draft Day Dad Hat, the whole hat is blue, but the brim is suede, so it has a different feel and touch. With the 2018 Draft Day Sixers Hats, the whole hat is blue, but the hat has patches representing the city all over the hat. The 2018 version comes in forms such as a snapback, trucker hat, fitted cap, and dad hat. For the 2019 Draft Day Philadelphia Sixers Caps, the name Philadelphia 76ers is in a basketball on the front of the hat. On the wearers right side is the year the 76ers were established and a few more details about the team. This version came in a snapback and a dad hat. For the 2020 76ers Draft Day Caps, the front of the hat has the team name 76ers and thirteen starts in a circle below it in a wool like material. On the wearers right side, is the teams main logo which looks like it is sewed on for that old school effect. Shop now to get you own Philadelphia 76ers Draft Day Hat to represent your home team!