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What does Golden Gilt sell?

Golden Gilt sells gilt jewelry which means that the jewelry is 316L Steerling Silver Plated with 18K Gold. The core being 316L Sterling Silver makes their jewelry hypoallergenic and safe for people with nickel allergies. Golden Gilt also uses cubic zirconia to look and feel like real diamonds. Golden Gilt makes Jewelry with the same style as high-end solid gold jewelry with the Tennis cuts and Miami Cuban cuts. If you love affordable and beautiful jewelry then you will love Golden Gilt Jewelry. Start shopping now and get yourself some high-quality beautiful jewelry.

Is the Golden Gilt Jewelry real?

All of the jewelry that Golden Gilt makes is real jewelry, but it is not solid gold jewelry. Golden Gilt 18K Gold jewelry is ion-plated which means that they have a top layer of 18K Gold and the main material of solid 316L Stainless Steel. This is so Golden Gilt can make beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. Since it is 316L Stainless Steel it is also hypoallergenic meaning that there is no nickel in the core. If you have a gold allergy you won’t have to worry about either because the Golden Gilt Jewelry is a high karat and will have few impurities in the gold for you to have an allergic reaction to. So while these are not solid gold jewelry these are still safe, beautiful, and affordable pieces.