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What are Tie Dye Shirts?

Tie-Dye Shirts are shirts that are tied up and dyed with various dyes or bleach. Tied Dyed Shirts are tied up before dyeing them to create unique patterns for each design. Tie-dying clothing comes from ancient civilizations that used natural dyes such as berries, roots, and flowers to customize their clothing. Though we can and still do use natural dyes for tie dying shirts nowadays we use fiber reactive dyes which makes our colors come out brighter and more consistent. Besides Natural and synthetic dyes for tie-dye shirts is whether the tie-dye shirt is wet or dry during the dying process. Wet Tie Dyed Shirts make colors blend more and bleed into each other which is the classic style of tie dyeing clothing. Dry Tie Dyed Shirts have a stronger separation between colors. If that sound interesting to you then go and try out our custom Tie Dye Shirts.

Are Tie Dye Shirts in Style?

Tie Dye Shirts have always been in style. Tie Dyed clothing came to the US in the 1920s and was used as a cheap alternative to customize clothing during the great depression. Nowadays we tie-dye clothing for a fun and unique style that looks unique. Tie dye Clothing really hit its peak in the 1980s and is what cemented tie dyed clothing to be so popular. Recently though tie dyed clothing has been having a resurgence in popular media. So if you're a fan of tie dyed clothes then go and check out our custom tie dyed shirts.

Why are Tie Dyeing shirts so popular?

Tie dyeing Shirts and other articles of clothing are so popular because of the history tie dyed clothes in America. The biggest era for tie dyed shirts was the 60s through the 80s. That is why people believe tie dyed clothing is an oldschool style of clothing or hippie clothing, but tie dye is just a way to customize and design clothes. That’s why tie dyed clothing has been seen in popular media. So if you love Tie Dyed Clothing then you’ll love our Custom Tie Dyed Shirts so start shopping and find your new favorite shirt.