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You definitely haven't seen an accessory this dope ensuring your kicks stays fresh and crease free. It is a common thing for sneakerheads, whether they own a pair of Jordans or Air Force 1, creases are the biggest annoyance for any sneaker enthusiasts. Our collection of toebox protectors sold only on is made to ensure maximum protection and comfort for the dope sneaker wearing crowd.

Toe Box Crease Protector

Designed to fit comfortably inside the toebox of your shoes to help prevent creasing, the sneaker toe box crease protectors are designed to protect the shape of your sneakers. Each toe box shield includes two adhesive strips on top for easy placement, and they're designed to stay in place even when trekking across the streets.

Do These Toe Box Decreases Work On All Shoes?

Yes, these crease protectors are made to fit all shoe shapes and sizes to ensure maximum comfort for all who want to amplify their style.

Where To Buy Crease Protectors?

Ideally, the best place to get these crease protectors is from We have a number of different varieties of styles and colors in which you can get your crease protectors, usually coming in a pair of two toebox protectors.