Duty Vests, Safety Vests, and Law Enforcement Vest Carriers

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A vest really puts the finishing touch on a uniform. Whether it's a reflective safety vest, the carrier for your body armor, or just the final piece of a three-piece work uniform, public safety uniform vests are a vital part of what you wear on the job.

Our vests are made by the most reputable names in the uniform industry, such as Blauer, Helly Hansen, and Elbeco. If you're a law enforcement officer, we carry Armorskin vests for tactical armor systems. These police vests are outfitted with high tech nylon athletic fabrics that keep your body armor from chafing and rubbing against your shirt and your skin during active everyday duty. If you're more concerned with visibility, our reflective safety vests from Helly Hansen have black removable sleeves to keep you warm as a regular jacket in winter, but cool and comfortable in the summer.

All our uniform vests are designed specifically with safety, comfort, and uniform wearability in mind. Want to put your initials, a shield or your own custom touch on them? No problem - ask our uniform services team what they can do for you!

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Duty Vests, Safety Vests, and Law Enforcement Vest Carriers