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You're cool, ice cold! There is no color fresher than icy blue, lets be real. Whether it's the nostalgia of Jordan rocking the UNC blue colorway on the court, or the reminder of how fresh a pair of Jordan 11 Pantones look, icy blue has been synonymous with a fresh fit for what seems like years. This collection features 59Fifty fitted caps that are anything but basic. These fitted caps all feature icy blue under brims. This is different from the traditional New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap which tends to have the under brim either grey, green, or black. These icy blue brim fitted caps will make sure that your outfit is fresh and elevate your headwear game with a unique take on a classic fitted cap. The icy blue bottom fitteds in this collection all have light blue material used for the under brim. Shop now and add some flavor to your headwear game today!