Vintage Philadelphia Eagles Jackets | Throwback Philadelphia Eagles Bomber Jackets, Varsity Jackets, and more!

Vintage Philadelphia Eagles Jackets | Throwback Philadelphia Eagles Bomber Jackets, Varsity Jackets, and more!

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Retro Birds Outerwear Essentials.

Show off how long you've loved the birds with an awesome vintage Philadelphia Eagles piece like one of these throwback Philadelphia Eagles jackets. These retro Philadelphia Eagles jackets feature the old-school Philadelphia Eagles logo and colorway of kelly green. Show how long you've been a diehard fan of the birds from Philadelphia with one of these fashionable Philadelphia Eagles retro jackets. features the greatest Philadelphia Eagles retro gear available online. Represent the birds as you chant Fly Eagles Fly, with some exclusive Philadelphia Eagles throwback jackets. Go birds!

What kind of throwback jackets do you have?

In this collection, you'll find a wide selection of Philadelphia Eagles throwback jackets. From retro vintage Eagles bomber jackets, to incredible throwback philadelphia eaglesvarsity jackets, we have every Philadelphia Eagles old-school jacket you need to represent your team while showcasing your favorite kelly green colorway!

What makes a Philadelphia Eagles jacket vintage?

There are a few things that make a retro Philadelphia Eagles hat vintage, or throwback, as many fans like to call it. First, you have the colorway, if a bomber jacket or varsity jacket features the kelly green colorway, then you can rest assured that you're dealing with the old-school vintage colorway. Now, for years there have been rumors and talks that the Philadelphia Eagles may be bringing back. the old-school kelly green colorway, there has not been much confirmation of this. The other way you can tell if a Philadelphia Eagles jacket is a throwback piece, is the logos that adorn the vintage philadelphia eagles jacket. If you're seeing the throwback bird logo which features a kelly green Eagle holding a football with its wings spread wide, then this is in fact. a vintage Birds jacket.

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