Formal Hats

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Formal Hats

There comes a time in your life when a formal hat is not only wanted but needed. The transition from casual hat wearer to formal hat wearer is one that most people experience as an enlightening experience into a world of possibility. Once you start wearing formal hats and incorporating them into your everyday outfits and style, the possibilities become limitless. The color combinations, the different materials, at time it almost seems overwhelming. Lucky for you, here at Cap Swag we aim to make life simple. That's why, we work feverishly to assemble a great collection of men's formal hats and women's formal hats for you to choose from. Gone are the days of tirelessly scouring nearby hat shops and website after website. Now you can shop the greatest line-up of formal headwear, right here and right now.

Cowboy Hats and Western Hats

While at first glance it may not seem like it, Cowboy hats and Western hats have a lot of variation and styles that they come in. A cowboy hat is an awesome way to add some extra style and flair to your outfit. If you want to feel a little bolder in your every day routine, then a great cowboy hat may be what you're looking for. Western culture is all about freedom and self-expression. Embrace your inner cowboy today and become the real-life John Wayne by picking up one of our stylish cowboy hats today. Whether you're looking for men's cowboy hats, women's cowboy hats or straw cowboy hats we have all of those and more. Complete your western outfit today with a Cowboy hat.

Fedora Hats

When I think of a fedora hat, a couple things come to mind. Frank Sinatra and Indiana Jones are a couple examples of the types of people (and fictional characters) rock fedoras. The fedora lifestyle is about more than looking sharp while wearing a classy dress hat. The fedora lifestyle is about freedom, adventure and being a boss. However, it is important to note, that fedoras are not limited to the original wool and felt styles. Nowadays, there is a huge amount of different colors and styles that you can choose from when looking for the perfect fedora to add to your collection. Straw fedoras, for example, are an awesome light-weight fedora that are perfect for wearing in warm weather like during the summer. Explore our section of fedoras to see what the fedora has in store for you.

Trilby Hats

While commonly mistaken for a fedora, the trilby hats are an extremely close relative. The main thing that sets aside a trilby hat from a fedora is the shape of the brim. Traditionally, a fedora will have a wider and flatter brim and a trilby hat will have a narrower brim with a curve in the back of the hat. Trilby hats are typically lighter and are commonly seen worn by people on vacation. Find the vacation hat of your dreams today with our selection of breathable straw trilby's which are available in different patterns and styles. The small and comfortable trilby hat is an awesome item to add to your closet and a really great way to up your style.

Panama Hats

Both stylish and iconic, the Panama hat is an awesome addition to any formal hat wearer's wardrobe. Originating in Equador, the Panama hat is one of the most well-known silhouettes of formal hats that there is. The breathability and light-weight nature of the Panama hat is what makes it so well known and popular. Shop our Panama hat section to see the great types of panama hats that we offer which look and feel great when worn.

Summer Hats

Looking for summer hats for men or summer hats for men? We stock a wide variety of summer hats from breathable summer hats to great summer hats for sun protection. The summer hat trend is always something that appears during the warmer seasons of the month. Keep the sun out of your eyes and face while looking stylish with our selection of men's summer hats and women's summer hats in the summer hat section. Shop a variety of styles to make your summer outfit the best that it can be today.