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Shop a wide selection in dad hats, snapback hats, fitted caps, stretch fit hats, winter hats, beanie hats and more! Cap Swag stocks the latest in greatest in headwear to make sure that you always look fresh.
Dad Hats. Shop the wide selection of Cap Swag dad hats, ball caps, and baseball caps to keep your outfit on point no matter what the occasion. The dad hat is a revolutionary piece of headwear because it features a soft unstructured crown, a bent brim, and an adjustable strap. The relaxed fit and ability to fit a large variety of head sizes makes it a great choice for both the hat enthusiast and the casual hat wearer. If you're a sports fan, check out our sports team dad hats, basketball dad hats, football dad hats, baseball dad hats or any sports team adjustable ball cap. Even if you're not a sports fan, we stock a nice selection of custom designed dad hats featuring iconic and nostalgic images like our Foot Clan dad hats, streetwear dad hats and others. If you're looking for that classic, adjustable ball cap fit and a stylish look, check out the dad hat today.
Snapback Hats. Shop the amazing choice of Cap Swag snapback hats, adjustable snapback caps, and snap hats available on our online store. Snapback hats became popular because they offered the structured crown of a fitted cap while now offering the accessibility of an adjustable snap. The incorporation of a snap closure into a classic fitted cap made it possible for both die-hard hat lovers and casual cap wearer's to accessorize with a variety of different hats. Snapback hats commonly feature a high structured crown, a flat brim, and, of course, an adjustable strap in the back. We stock all different types of snapbacks from football snapbacks, basketball snapbacks, baseball snapbacks, hockey snapbacks, streetwear snapbacks, and kid's snapbacks to even blank snapbacks. Find out why the snapback is such an iconic part of headwear history by checking out our snapback section today!
Fitted Caps. Shop the timeless fitted cap from a great selection of fitted caps, fitted hats, 5950 fitted caps, 59fifty fitted caps and more fitted headwear on our website. Fitted caps have been a long for a long time. The classic fitted cap, sometimes called a gray bottom or gray bottom fitted, was a cap with a structured crown, a flat brim and a closed back. A fitted cap unlike a snapback hat or dad hat is not adjustable and is tailored to fit specific sizes. Rock a fitted cap featuring your favorite sports team, a custom designed fitted cap, or even a blank fitted cap. We stock all different types of fitted caps for you to choose from. From football fitteds, basketball fitteds, baseball fitteds to classic New Era 5950 fitted caps, we have it all.
Stretch Fit Hats. Also known as elastic hats, Flexfit hats, and stretch hats. The stretch fit cap is an interesting headwear silhouette because it combines the structured crown of a classic fitted cap and crosses that with the bent brim style of a ball cap. Stretch fit caps are a variation on the fitted cap, they still are closed in the back but offer more flexibility with sizing because of the elastic sweatband that is incorporated inside the hat. Flexfit hats are able to be fitted but fit a wider range of sizes coming in sizes like small/medium, medium. large, and large extra large. Flexfit hats are cool because they give you a comfortable snug fit without a wide brim like on the classic 5950 fitted cap. We stock official Flexfit caps and 3930 / 39thirty stretch fit hats from New Era. Find a variety of football stretch fit hats, basketball stretch fit hats, basebll stretch fit hats, blank stretch fit hats and more flexible fit hats.
Winter Hats. Winter beanies are a staple headwear item whether you live somewhere cold or just want to stay warm during the winter, winter beanies, skullies, pom beanies, and knit caps are all options that we have for you to keep your head warm. There is a lot of variation when it comes to winter beanies, there are beanies without a raised cuff called skullies and skull caps which offer a snug fit. There are also beanies without a raised cuff that offer a more loose fit. Raised cuff beanies or raised cuff knit caps come in a couple of varieties to, pom beanies and beanies without poms. The addition of pom poms on the tops of winter beanies has proven to be somewhat of a devicive issue, some people can't stand the pom pom on top of knit caps while others love it. No matter what you're preference is, check out our wide variety of NFL winter beanies, NBA winter beanies, MLB winter beanies, knit cuff beanies, plain blank winter beanies and more winter hats.
Bucket Hats. Bucket hats are like the broccoli of headwear. Some people love bucket hats, other people hate bucket hats and can't even stand the site of them. Bucket hats are a unique item in the headwear space because they offer 360 degree coverage from the sun while often coming in a variety of colors and patterns. While we stock sports licensed bucket hats, we also carry plain colored blank bucket hats and bucket hats with cool designs. Check out our entire collection of bucket hats, boonie hats, and stylish buckets.