Boy’s Fleece Shorts with Ribbings | Jordan Craig Black

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  • Jordan Craig
  • Fleece Shorts
  • Black Shorts
  • Adjustable Drawstrings
  • Black Ribbings
  • Black Drawstring


Bringing your kids out in style with our Boy’s Fleece Black Ribbing Shorts. Since our Black Ribbing Shorts are made of Fleece they don’t only look great but feel great too. The best part about these black fleece shorts is that they are adjustable with black drawstrings. More information about our Boy’s Black Fleece Shorts with Ribbings is down below.

FRONT: The front of the Boy’s Fleece Black shorts with Ribbings is the adjustable black drawstring.

WAIST: Around the waist of our Black Fleece Boy’s Shorts are the black ribbings.

If you want nice and comfortable clothes for your kids then you’ll need our Boy’s Black Fleece Shorts with Ribbings and they won’t disappoint.

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