Light Pink Basic Winter Knit Beanie

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  • Light pink
  • Winter knit
  • Heavyweight
  • Beanie
  • One size

Some people think there isn't much to say about a light pink basic winter knit beanie because "it's just a light pink beanie." Those people are idiots, seriously. This isn't just ANY beanie, this light pink basic winter knit beanie is something so special that I honestly am hesitant to tell you about what makes it special. But, since it's my job to write copy, I guess I have to. Picture if you will, a chilly fall evening, the wind is howling, it looks like it might rain. You check your watch, you're rushing to get to your movie night with friends but the second you step foot out the door you gasp in pain. The wind is too much, you look in the mirror and your ears are completely red, a battle scar from your recent battle with the Wind. You search your house high and low, until, you find it. The light pink basic winter knit beanie from Cap Swag. You exclaim a sigh of relief as you grab it and put it over your head. The beanie fits snugly, as it does to all head sizes (it's one size fits all). Suddenly, the feeling of warmth re-enters your ears. Happy, you exit the house and this beanie protects you, nay, shelters you from the bitter cold. Enjoy your winter the right way, and keep your ears nice and safe. With a Light Pink (extra special) winter knit beanie from

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