Royal Blue Basic Winter Knit Beanie

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  • Royal blue
  • Comfortable material
  • Heavy weight
  • Winter knit
  • One size

Don't settle for a regular blue winter beanie, get yourself something special, something a little more extravagant, something worth a person of your status. Introducing, the ROYAL BLUE basic winter knit beanie. Now you may be thinking, "wait a minute, you mean to tell me a royal blue hat is different from a blue hat?" And the answer to that question is "Yes." Okay so let's skip over all the boring stuff, it's one size fits all, it features a thick and comfortable material that is sure to keep your head warm and insulated. But in my opinion, the best part about a royal blue winter beanie is the name. When you'll be wearing this hat in public, nobody is going to say: "Hey Bob! Nice blue hat!" They'll say: "Excuse me, your highness, nic ROYAL blue hat!" Act like a king (or queen) today, with this Royal Blue winter knit beanie.

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