Scallop Hem Curved Bottom Long Fit Extended Men's Streetwear T-Shirt with Side Zippers | Pastel Blue

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  • Bleecker & Mercer
  • Scallop hem t-shirt
  • Extended body
  • Crewneck
  • Short sleeve
  • Side zippers with metallic hardware
  • 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
  • Available in sizes S - 3XL


Elevate your style with this Pastel Blue scallop hem t shirt from Bleecker and Mercer. This men’s scallop hem t-shirt in Pastel Blue is a solid addition to your wardrobe because it’s a staple piece that everybody should have in their lineup. Whether you’re trying to dress up or just trying to keep it casual, a curved hem t-shirt like this one will never steer you wrong. This scallop shirt is made out of a comfortable cotton-polyester blend so that it fits you just right, without being too baggy or too tight. Some of the benefits of rocking a scallop shirt or a scallop cut shirt like this one include being able to tuck it in to your pants seamlessly or elongating your torso to give you a taller appearance. A long fit t-shirt like this might not be something you traditionally wear but not only is it functional, it’s also incredibly stylish thanks to the side zippers found on either side. The metallic hardware found on the side zippers of this zipper long tshirt give it a premium streetwear look that further elevates the style. Now, all of a sudden, an affordable streetwear tee becomes an elevated fashion statement. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a few of these elongated shirts with zippers and bring your style some new flavor. We have the side zip streetwear shirts available in a variety of sizes and styles perfect for a wide variety of occasions, and the best part is, this longline tee with side zippers won’t break the bank!

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