Solid Rope Daisy Shoelaces with Daisey Aglets | 120cm Capswag

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  • Daisy Shoelaces
  • Solid Laces
  • Daisy Aglets
  • 120cm Long
  • Capswag
  • Made in China


Start taking your designer shoe game to the next level with our Solid Rope Daisy Laces. The Rope Solid Daisy Shoelaces are designed with a minimalist look to them and can pair with other designer shoes. More information about the Black Rope Solid Laces is down below.

AGLETS: The Solid Rope Daisy Shoelaces have matching Daisy aglets.

LACES: The Daisy Rope Shoelaces have solid rope laces.

Start elevating your designer shoe game with our Daisy Solid Rope Shoelaces.

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