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18K Gold Plated Jewelry | Flooded Zirconia Jewelry | Ion Plated Gold Jewelry

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What does 18K Ion Plated Gold mean?

18K Ion Plated Gold means that our Jewelry has a core of Solid 316L Stainless Steel and a coat of Gold to make it look like solid gold jewelry. This doesn’t mean that our 18K Ion Plated Gold Jewelry is fake just that it’s not solid gold jewelry. This does make it so it’s cheaper and more affordable than solid gold jewelry while still keeping the elegance of solid gold jewelry.

What kind of jewelry do we have?

We have a variety of different pieces of jewelry ranging from the 18K Gold Flooded Tennis Necklace to the Ion-Plated Gold Buddha Pendants. We have iced-out jewelry that has over 900 hundred hand placed cubic zirconia. We have bold and bulky Chain Link Necklaces that allow you to show off your style. If you can’t find something you like that’s okay because we will have more coming soon.

Is the 18K Gold Plated Gold Jewelry real?

All of the jewelry that we supply is real jewelry, but it is not solid gold jewelry. Our 18K Gold jewelry is ion-plated which means that they have a top layer of 18K Gold and the main material of solid 316L Stainless Steel. This is so we can give beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. Since it is real jewelry it is also hypoallergenic meaning that there is no nickel and that the gold is a high karat so that there are no impurities for someone to have an allergic reaction. So while these are not solid gold jewelry these are still safe, beautiful, and affordable pieces.