Glow In The Dark Exclusive Limited Edition Side Patch 59Fifty Fitteds

Glow In The Dark Exclusive Limited Edition Side Patch 59Fifty Fitteds

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Elevate your fitted cap collection with this exclusive selection of side patch fitted caps from the latest collab between New Era and Cap Swag. We've brought out some really cool and interesting designs for this reason customs run with New Era. All the hats in this collection are exclusive 59Fifty fitted caps that cannot be purchased anywhere else, other than here.

Side Patch Fitted Caps

Side patch fitted caps have been extremely popular for quite some time now and they commonly feature MLB World Series fitted caps with an embroidered side patch. They're a great choice for any headwear collector whether you're an amateur or longtime fitted cap enthusiast, a side patch fitted is a must. This collection contains all side patch fitteds because we wanted to do customs with as much value as possible to our amazing customers.

Glow In The Dark Fitted Caps

When it comes to coming up with exclusive 59Fifty fitted caps, we want to make sure we're creating interesting items that our customer truly feel value from purchasing. That's why we're constantly adding as much as we can into our custom 59fifty fitted caps that we produce with New Era. This line up of fitted caps are all glow in the dark 59fifty fitted caps, meaning they all have embroidery with glow in the dark thread that makes them pop extra hard when it's dark. This is a special headwear piece, that people will ask you about and you'll feel proud wearing, and that's why we produce it.

Custom Fitted Caps

We're very fortunate to be able to produce certain custom runs of custom 59fifty fitted caps whether they're side patches or custom under visor fitteds through our partnership with New Era.