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Lacer Hoodies | Hockey Lacer Hoodies | 47 Lacer Sweatshirt

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What are Lacer Hoodies?

Lacer hoodies are the perfect way of staying warm and repping your team. 47 Brand Lacers are nice and warm pullover hoodies with laces around the hood area to make a normal pullover hoodie stylish. While being stylish, the hockey lacer hoodie is very warm, because it is made out of 80% cotton, which is the best during the winter time. Lacer Pullover Hoodies are the perfect way to represent your favorite team during the winter without having to get cold. With the laces being around the hoodie, you can make the hood as tight as you want just in case it gets even colder while wearing this lacer jersey outside. You can even wear one of these lacer sweatshirts at your favorite team's stadium during the winter because the logo is all over the place. The different colors of lacer hoodies vary depending on the team that you are repping. Some lacer hoodies are current teams and logos while others are throwback logos and colors to bring back the memories of the old days. The Hockey Lacer Hoodie has always been a classic choice for sports fans from all ages no matter what team they like.

Are Lacers Hoodies Just For Hockey Teams?

No, they are not! While the classic lacer hoodie is known for being a hockey item, our wide range of Lacer Sweatshirts have teams that are from all four major sports leagues! With teams such as the Phillies, Eagles Flyers, and 76ers, we have every team covered for your liking. With all four sports leagues covered, you can rep any team during the winter no matter if they are playing or not. Your Lacer Sweatshirt is also the perfect item to wear at a hockey game or a football game when it gets really cold but you still wanna rep your favorite team. We also have throwback lacer hoodies for the Phillies, Eagles, and Yankees to bring back that old vintage feel with a vintage piece of clothing.