MLB Jackie Robinson Fitted Caps | 2020 MLB Jackie Robinson 42 side Patch Fitted Hats | MLB 59Fifty Caps with Jackie Side Patches

MLB Jackie Robinson Fitted Caps | 2020 MLB Jackie Robinson 42 side Patch Fitted Hats | MLB 59Fifty Caps with Jackie Side Patches

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Who is Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson is one of the most historical people in sports, being the first African American man to be allowed in the MLB. Jackie would wind up having his number being retired for every team in the MLB for what he did for the sport. Every year the MLB comes out with Jackie Robinson hats that pay homage to him and in my opinion, this is the best they have done. With the number 42 patch on the wearer's right side, this hat is perfect for paying homage to Robinson. Not too over the top and not too boring, this hat is perfect for its purpose. The rest of these On-Field 42 Side Patch Fitted Hats are all one color and have the team logo on the front. The under brim of these 42 Side Patch On-Field Hats are all black like the players wear on the field. These Robinson Fitted Hats are perfect to wear to your next ball game and will match perfectly with any jersey! With teams including the Yankees and Phillies, you are for sure to find a fitted cap that you love. Shop now for your own MLB 2020 Jackie Robinson Side Patch Fitted Caps now.

What’s unique about the Jackie Robinson Side Patch 59Fifty Fitted Caps?

Besides honoring Jackie Robinson's career or achievements the 59Fifty Jackie Robinsons Custom Caps come with a custom side patch. The custom side patch with the 59Fifty Jackie Robinson caps is the number 42 side patch. The number 42 was Jackie's first number from when he played with the Brooklyn Dodgers and he was so influential that the rest of the MLB teams have since benched that number claiming it is his. The number 42 side patch is also metallic and comes in the team's colors. The Jackie Robinson side patch is beautiful and would be a mistake to not add it to your 59Fifty side fitted patch collection. The 59Fifty Jackie Robinson custom fitted caps also are official onfield merchandise so that you can match with the players also wearing the MLB Jackie Robinson 59Fifty fitted cap with side patches.

What teams are included in Jackie Robinson MLB 59Fifty side patch caps?

We have a variety of teams included in the Jackie Robinsons 5950 sidepatch fitted caps. While we don’t have the Boston Dodgers in this drop we do have the Boston Red Sox 5950 side patch fitted cap and the Los Angles Dodgers Jackie Robinson MLB 59Fifty Cap. While it is sad that we don’t have Jackie’s original debut team anymore we can still honor him through his name and city. We do have other featured teams in the Jackie Robinson MLB 59Fifty side fitted caps like the Philadelphia Phillies Fitted Jackie Robinson Patch cap and more.