Police Firefighter EMT Uniform Clothing for Embroidery

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This collection is for those of you who need to look good and present a unified front. You're police, firefighters, EMTs, and public service workers who have to dress to a specific code. You're business owners who want their staff to look professional at all times. What is more professional than a uniform?

Our uniform collection has tactical gear, emergency jackets, duty jackets, hi-vis and rain gear for all your outdoor work needs. Our public safety coats and jackets come from the most trusted brands in uniform apparel. Expect dark blue, navy, and safety yellow and green colorways, with the little details you need like badge loops, reflective stripes, and radio holders.

For everything that goes under the jacket, we carry polo shirts, button downs, work pants, and high-quality body armor vest carriers. Look for offerings like Blauer's high tech armorskin shirts, as well as stain resistant button up shirts and professional polos.

All of our uniform clothing can be embroidered, printed on, or customized for the individual customer or for groups. To book a consultation or get even more inspiration, come talk to the team at Swag|Tex, our custom apparel production department!