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  • The upper portion of the nylon sherpa zip up hoodie is made out of a navy blue nylon material while the lower portion, sleeves, and liner are sherpa
    The hood and upper back of the cream zipper sherpa hoodie are made out of a navy blue nylon material
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    Nylon Sherpa Cream / Navy Zip Up Hoodie | Cream Zipper Sherpa Hoodie
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Elevate your outfits to another level by incorporating sherpa lined and sherpa body hoodies. Sherpa sweatshirts are a great way to make your outfit look more complex and stylish without breaking the bank. Pairing a sherpa zip up hoodie or sherpa pullover hoodie with a pair of joggers or jeans and a fresh pair of kicks can make your outfit seriously pop off. This selection of sherpa hoodies features classic hoodie silhouettes that incorporate the sherpa material in the hoodie. A sherpa hoodie is an item that everybody should mix into their outfit every once and a while, especially in the colder seasons.