Vintage Lettering 59Fifty Fitted Caps Collection | Retro New Era 59fifty Fitted Hats

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Our ligature fitted hats collection is for all our vintage fitted hats lovers. This retro collection covers all the old school fitted hats with old English ligature of the top Major League Baseball clubs for all the throwback 59fifty hat fans. The old english pattern on these fitted hats brings back the legacy and the memories of the clubs which is a pride for the fans when wearing these vintage hats.

For the New York Mets, we have the vintage old English styled NY written on the front of the side patch fitted cap to glorify the legacy of the Mets. For the Pittsburgh Pirates, we can see a curved old english ligature with Burgh written on the front of the 59fifty which is an important part of the design of the retro Pittsburgh Pirates 59fifty. Similarly, for the Philadelphia Phillies, we have Phila written in curved on the front of the Phillies patch fitted caps. These ligature designs with other vintage patches on these 59fifty caps looks very dope and add on to the vintage feel of these fitted hats.

So, if you are a cool retro cap collector, get one of these ligature 59fifty fitted caps from now!